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Presentation of YES Europe



Young Europeans for Security - Europe (YES Europe) is a
pan-European non-governmental youth network comprising
the national YES organizations all over the continent. It unites young
people who share a common interest in a secure and integrated
Europe on the basis of democracy, the rule of law and respect for
human rights and fundamental freedoms.

YES started back in 1985 and now YES organizations exist
in a lot of European countries. Currently the European office of YES
is located in Copenhagen.

Each national organization is independent in deciding on activities and
structure, but co-operates with all other national organizations of
YES. The structure of the national organizations has variation
in membership profile, type and number of activities, and its internal

The character of YES is neutral and objective, without the aim to
advocate certain political, religious, societal or other views. YES is
therefore, fully independent and is not affiliated with any other

YES does, however, co-operate with the European democratic
institutions as well as with organizations from North America.



YES seeks to strengthen the international security and to preserve
the peace in the European relations. It pursues to create and
reinforce awareness, concerning European affairs in general and
European security in particular, among young people in all areas
of Europe.

YES perceives the concept of security to be multidimensional,
focusing on the political, the military, the economical, the societal,
the environmental and other angles.

YES thus endeavors to promote democracy, the rule of law, and the
respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It aims to
stimulate debate, promote mutual understanding and international
co-operation, and search to engage young people in all-European



The people involved with YES are its most valuable asset. They are
youngsters who are interested in European security at large; most
of them are in the age group 20-35. All relevant ages are welcome
to the activities of YES.

The most of the people involved are students, academics at large,
journalists, politicians, lawyers, economists, governmental and
non-governmental professionals, political analysts, military personnel
and other people interested in security.

Each national organization of YES has its own profile of members who
add up to the variety and uniqueness of the commonwealth; YES seeks
to use this multitude to create mutual support on different areas
between the national organizations on one hand and between individuals
on the other.



The members of YES are its national organizations, which
constitute the Executive Committee that elects its international
governing board, the Executive Bureau.

The Executive Committee

The international general meeting forum of YES, the Executive
Committee, consists of delegates of all the national
organizations. The committee meets on a regular basis, bi-annually to
quarterly, and takes decisions on various matters related to the
international co-operation in the network. It elects the Executive Bureau
among its midst.

The Executive Bureau

The members of the Executive Bureau are elected on a
one-year term with a possibility for re-election. YES seeks to
have a balanced geographical representation in the Bureau.

The Executive Bureau, under the direction of the President, works to
co-ordinate all international activities and to produce strategies to
develop the commonwealth in all relevant fields such as activities,
organization, information and finances.



YES seeks to accomplish its goals by functioning as a forum for open
discussion, which includes an interactive debate between experts
and audience, while it also collects and disseminates information
on democratic European organizations and relevant areas of security

The activities range from international conferences and seminars
organized several times a year over national conferences and
seminars, debates, hearings and round-table discussions to study
trips abroad or visits to national institutions, organizations,
diplomatic representations nationally or internationally.
Furthermore, YES arranges democracy programs and exchange
visits for elections and referendums.

YES seeks to collect and disseminate information through its
national organizations and though the Information centers,
and by publishing books, magazines, papers and documents.

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